Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Neurofeedback is a special form of biofeedback that allows a direct look at the activity of the brain. Non-intrusive sensors placed on the scalp detect the electrical signals caused by brain acativity and then displays them on a computer screen. Amazingly, people can learn to change the electrical activity of their brain to make themselves feel better and perform better.

Neurofeedback has been shown to help people with attention problems, such as Attention Deficit Disorder. Some signals are associated with attention and some with inattention. By learning to alter the relationship between these frequencies, or other aspects of the frequencies, attention and other intellectual functions can be improved. This kind of training has been shown to improve performance at school or work. Neurofeedback works like exercise to help stengthen brain functioning.

In recent years neurofeedback has also been used for a variety of problems including chronic pain, headache, addiction disorders, sleep disturbance, relaxation training and improving performance generally. There many reports of its effectiveness.