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Pain has a life of its own and often lasts long after its initial cause is resolved. Pain, whatever its source, can be incredibly disabling, so it has to be treated aggresively. Unfortunately, the suffering it causes is often minimized by primary care physicians and even by specialists. Incredibly, research has shown that even people with cancer are not properly treated for their pain.

Research shows medication is not the only solution to pain; instead an approach that combines education and behaviorally oriented treatments, along with medication, can often reduce pain and suffering and increase functioning, even when the pain is clearly caused by a physical problem.

Both hypnosis and biofeedback have proven helpful with a wide variety of chronic pain problems, including back pain, headache, irritable bowel and fibromyalgia. Hypnosis has also proved effective in reducing pain and recovery times from surgical procedures. People who learn self-hypnosis get out of the hospital quicker, use less pain medication and feel better faster. It is also used to prepare for childbirth.